Artist Bios are not songs….

So in this digital age we have been able to do so many things ourselves that was onc the jobs of other individuals in the music industry. However, we still make blunders from time to time.

I figured, if I can find the right source to complete certain tasks then I don’t need to pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to others to do something. But when asking others for help in finding those resources, I have to admit, it can be tough and disappointing.

WE as indie artists, have to support each other in any way that we can. Support doesnt mean that you wont get your shine on, it’s just the exact opposite. This journey I have been on has been intereting and I made a promise to myself that I would share what i knew with others who wanted or needed it, and not shun them like some have done me.

Sharing information is caring and it’s the highest form of payment in certain industries.

So let’s talk about those bios. Honey, I’ve had to adjust mines so you will have to adjust yours too. No bio is perfect but it should not sound like the lyrics to your latest song, it should not be  college essay, and it should not be the next bestselling autobiography (if you write one that’s cool but keep it separate and in the Barnes and Nobles please).

I look at artist bios alot. On their facebook pages, websites (if they have one), band pages, etc. Wherever they have a bio, I read them. I read them for a couple of reasons. To compare and contrast my own, for marketability, and for ideas of how to NOT write mines. That was until I found the best outline and explanation on how to write my bio.

Now you know who you are out there, there are many of us (I say us because we in this together even though we separate as artists-music is a family) who have those bios where there are a million links within them, broken words for EFFECT, mis-spelled words for EFFECT, emojis, smh, I have seen some very interesting bios for indie artists.

So in simple terms, it should be as simple and as catchy as your “elevator pitch”that you give for business, because let’s face it, this is business. You want to be heard and noticed you have to treat it as such.

Before you begin to write your bio, be sure you have taken an inventory of your background, accomplishments, goals, and objectives as a musician, and, once again, remember who you are writing the Bio for: A&R Reps at Record Labels, Media Contacts, Booking Agents, and Management Contacts, Booking Agents, Promoters, etc.

These professionals in the music business are busy individuals, who may deal with dozens of “wanna-be’s” every week, so make your bio informative, upbeat, and filled with useful comments, descriptions, quotes, and motivational language that can make them want to listen to your music, and help you on your musical way.

When you are ready to write your Bio use the outline in the link to keep you focused and organized.

Remember, the bio should not waste words. For a new artist 1 page is sufficient to get the job done. For more experienced artists, a page and a half to two pages should be the maximum length.

So to all my musical friends and family, I hope this bit of information helps.

Have a progressive musical day!

This Journey I’m On…

After an afternoon meeting today for myself and the band for future shows and affiliations, I had some time to think about the journey I’ve been on as a solo artist since 2006.

It’s been 10yrs since I made the decision to pursue my music and I had to say to myself, wow. I have come a very long way. 

Originally I was attempting to be an artist under someone who was jealous and controlling and I entrusted him with a lot not realizing how much I was missing for roughly 5yrs.

It wasn’t until our relationship begin to crumble that I saw how much we being hidden from me and I begin to take my destiny into my own hands. Reaching out to the known and unknown.

I have a lot to be thankful for as an artist. True enough I still have a lot to learn and still go through set backs, but that’s life. But I can now say that fear of the unknown is no longer a factor. I never sought out to do music to please the masses so that was never an issue. 

I only wanted to do the music I loved and give others good music to love as well. No gimmicks, no hooks, no catches. Just straight forward me and the love of music from my soul. 

I have many musician friends that I look up to. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all of your support and advice. I know this is a bit all over the place but this is my own diary to the world right? Lol. Plus as a creative, sometimes your thought pattern is like that. But of course yal knew that lol.

I have everything I need to make a huge positive impact on the lives of my followers and that’s what we all should be focused on as artists and musicians, making a positive impact in the world. Giving people a great experience when they are in our presence.  

That’s our true goal. The money is just extra. 

Having the ability to touch and change lives through music is the actual real payment. . .

So now I must plan for the next 30days, 3months, 6 months and year.  

A lot is rising on me, yes RISING not riding. It’s happening to many of us. 

We can do it yal. If we couldn’t, the opportunities wouldn’t have presented itself. ..

Don’t give up on your goals your passions your dreams. Help those that are not where you are but are wanting to get there, it propels you forward as well. 


Calabar and Grill, Dekalb’s best kept secret. ..

A place for great food, people and entertainment, the Calabar and Grill has been nurturing great indie artists such as myself for the last 3 yrs.

Just like the Calabar and Grill has grown, so have I as an artist. The staff there is excellent and like family, so don’t think that when you come here that it’s just another little restaurant you breeze through.

It’s a charm nestled in a local Dekalb neighborhood that you can find true gems at.

So on July 16th, come check out myself and the band in this quant little restaurant. It’s usually packed, but in a good way, and the food is always hot with friendly faces to serve you.

Did I mention that parking was free? We ask know how it is to find good parking in metro Atlanta. ..

However, come on and slide through and sit a spell, you’ll be hooked just like I was 3yrs ago. ….

Singles come mingle!

Hey hey hey! Tonight is the night that you can come out for a great time and great food and great entertainment AND connect with other conscious singles like yourself!


I’ll be your lovely hostess with the mostess 😊😀😆😙

Don’t stay home!
A $10 ticket gets you all that and more!

Did I mention there’s FREE parking!

See you saw the word Atlanta and thought, how much is parking? Nope. No cost to park. I know how that aggravates me to pay $75 to park in Atlanta 😂

Anyhow, come on out and show the world what they’ve been missing!

You can’t find that counterpart at home on the sofa watching Netflix!

Lol. See you tonight!

A Do-over… sort of…..

So, I’m sitting here at my desk hacking away and I think, dammit I have to stop torturing myself like this!

I have been coughing and coughing and coughing. Why? Because I keep eating cheese, bread and fried foods and as a singer, that is a definite no no.

SO, I’m going over in my head…


Nubia…this cannot be life. What else is making me hack like death?

36640334  Ughhhh my god, every freaking morning, my breakfast has cow’s cheese in it somewhere and I just want to drag my vocal cord through a strainer for the mucus coating them. And lat but not least…

hqdefault yes, yes the fried foods got me going ham!

What happened to me? I used to work out at least 3 days a week. I ate 90% vegetables and now the evil triplets are ruining my life.

I keep saying I’m going to stop this rollercoaster  that I’ve gotten on.

I know what to do, I’m Nubia Soul Goddess, I’ve help heal other people from their ailments and certain habits, why is it so hard to do it THIS time for myself?


Laziness is a bitch. Yep I said it. A bitch.

So what do I do? I confess to my fans on my facebook page that I’ve been eating these things and ask them to pray for me. Yep. This thickums needs some intervention, lol.

Now let’s get one thing straight, I’m not trying to be skinty or go with no diet craze. I just want to get back to the me who thrived on a great diet and workout plan. Then I remembered, my workout partner. He was great, but now I don’t know where he is or if he can workout with me again. So that means I have to figure this thing out by myself.

Now let me get another thing straight, I love myself no matter what size I am, this is ALL goddess over here. But I prefer not to be groggy, tired all the time, having breakouts and dull patchy skin. I want my bright glowing skin back, I like bouncing out of the bed in the morning.

Well, my good people. This soul sista gota make some changes asap. Gota do better for my band and plus it’s nice to get all the way back to me.

I love a good workout partner and health food/recipe partner.

If you see me in the street, eating a chicken bone, french fries, fried rice, sammiches (yep I said it), save me please… lol














Come On Get You Some Free….

Looking for something to wet your palette, eyes, and ears?

Come on out March 19th for a night you won’t forget.

Meet myself and my band Phoenix for a soulful set that’s sure to leave you wanting for more. We give you soul and funk from the old school all the way up to the new school to please your listening pleasures!

Wanna be in the know for all of our upcoming shows? Subscribe to my blog and website at

Come on get you some free….